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Some people like to surf the web.
Ducks prefer to waddle around on their web feet!

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By popular demand, a reincarnation of the infamous web-feet roost has returned.

It's been eight years since I launched my first personal homepage. During a hiaitus of the last six years, my only presence on the web has been through my company's homepage and the formal page that introduces my credentials there.

The web has changed a lot since I began my first humble attempts at establishing a presence. I'm sure that my current offering pales in comparison to the average home page out there, but what the heck. For what it's worth, here is a list of some of the features of my little site. I hope to have the opportunity to enhance and increase the content of this site in the future, so stay tuned for future installments!

An online "resume" highlighting details about my upbringing, some of my accomplishments and my education.

Gallery of Narcism. To provide some visual background on who I am and what I look like, I've come up with this small "gallery."
My Home. NEW! In September 2005, I finally fulfilled one of my dreams, to move to the town where I did my dissertation fieldwork. Here are some snaps of my new home which I hope to add to as the seasons progress and we make progress on the garden.

My doctoral dissertation. Here it is in its original form. The HTML formatting is pretty raw since I developed it seven years ago and haven't had a chance to touch it up since then.

My Thailand travelogue. A collection of annotated photographs and travel suggestions based on my recent trips to Thailand.

Soap - The Green Witch. My eldest sister, Alison, used to run a business making and selling handmade soaps and salves. This is a collection of annotated photos of her studio.

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